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Rabbit Sml Frenchie Sage

height 13cm
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Rabbit Sml Frenchie Blue

height 13cm
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String Holder Rabbit

10x17x10 cm
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Dancing Rabbits

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According to the Christian story, Jesus rose from the dead three days after being killed.

The date of Easter is computed based on the date of the resurrection as calculated by early Christians, rather than from the date of death as used in Judaism and some Oriental /Eastern religions. However, the date of Easter changes each year because it is based on the agricultural cycle, which determines the cycle of the sun.For Christians, Easter is a deeply penitential and joyful event, but for non-Christians, it's typically a religious holiday.

Christians celebrate Easter by enjoying family, attending church, and sharing Holy Communion.

For non-Christians, Easter can also be a time of relaxation, and spending time together with family. The holiday is also a time for people to decorate houses and churches with banners, eggs, and flowers. Easter is celebrated in many countries around the world, and is the first time families and children get to spend the weekend together. The holiday is also notable for egg hunts, religious services, and, in some countries, eating hot cross buns and lamb.

For many people though, one of the main advantages of Easter is , having a long weekend, which can include time for binge watching your favourite reality shows, or getting some much needed rest from work or school.

With so many options on how to spend your Easter long weekend, it's no surprise so many people use this time as an opportunity to be generous with their loved ones. Let's face it, money can be hard to come by, so Easter is the perfect opportunity for people to show their appreciation for another person.

Gifts can also serve another more emotional purpose. People give eggs, baskets, chocolate, and other treats as a way to say "happy Easter" to their loved ones.

This has become traditional for many, but for others, it's related to other aspects of religion. For some, the Easter Bunny is a symbol of the Easter story, and for others, it is a symbol of God's resurrection.

Giving a gift to someone on such a special holiday is a way to thank them for being close to your heart.

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