Hooks Boats/anchor

  • Code: HS0852-4
  • Material: Metal, Wood
  • Size: 18.5x4x28.5cm
  • Min order quantity: 4
Inner Packaging:
  • Weight: 0.94 kg
  • Length: 29.50 cm
  • Width: 20.50 cm
  • Height: 11.00 cm
  • Cubic CBM: 0.07
  • Inner Qty: 4
  • Carton Qty: 36
  • Weight: 9.00 kg
  • Length: 63.50 cm
  • Width: 31.00 cm
  • Height: 36.00 cm
This item is handmade variations in finish will occur
Hooks Boats/Anchor is a charming nautical piece that says more than a thousand words. The versatility of this metal and wood product goes beyond its architectural beauty. It can enthral house guests and make them reminisce about the vast ocean. For those exploring unique presents for their loved ones, this nautical piece has an elegant vibe. It will make a convenient gift for lovers of the beach and the seashores.

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The frame is made from wood, a reliable material with tensile strength, and its sturdy iron hook is durable to hold wet and heavy clothing. The three sets of the hook are classical household decoration, a charming hallway accent to welcome a guest into one's home. Hooks Boats/Anchor affords a great alternative to organize one's closet. It is a bold centrepiece and quite functional in the bathroom to hold wet towels and robes. Did I mention that possessing a nautical item emits the relaxation aura the ocean brings?