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Sydney Gift Fair Special Thanks

Let me first begin by saying a HUGE thank you to all this year's AGHA Sydney Gift Fair attendees!

We loved finally putting faces to the names most of us have only chatted to on the phone! It was so lovely meeting all of you, and a big special welcome to all our new customers that found us this year!

After months of planning, designing, packing, merchandising and most importantly team work, I am very happy to congratulate each LaVida team member for their incredible efforts to ensure this Trade Fair a successful one. From almost literally swimming in new stock, to the assembly of our giant overhead sign in the office - pushing us office ladies out of our chairs, we finally managed to get ourselves down to Sydney (through the stress and laughs) and have one of our best turn outs to date. From the team here at LaVida, we wish to extend our gratitude to all our wonderful customers, with whom continue to support our business on the sunny Central Coast of NSW and Nationwide. Meeting you all was such a rewarding experience for the staff at LaVida

Stand DR6 bustled with success as all our new stock premiered amongst the floor. Our inspiration for the stand this year? COLOUR! From rich Navys, powdered Blues, Emeralds, Jades, Moss' to Mists, each trending colour selected to pair with our bright, new home and giftware.

Our stand hero had to be our bright Pink display. Not by surprise, our hot pink walls captured the attention of many adventurous customers, and lay canvas for our ever-blossoming Artificial Plant and Garden range. For such a bright colour, we were surprised how much it allowed for our botanicals to POP without dulling their spotlight. We were very pleased with the reaction from the stand this year, thank you all for your feedback.

All of us at LaVida have been very excited to introduce our design stories amongst our Ceramic Hearts/Crosses/Coasters/Signs, Cushions, Purses, Soaps, Clocks and Doorstops. By matching the designs to suit their store's aesthetic, our customers were able to build little display stories without the stress. It made us so happy to see your response to these corresponding designs, as we continue to plan and design more to expand the range. We are currently making changes to our website to make it easier for you to identify what other products are patterned with the same design as the item you have clicked on. Stay tuned!

We also introduced new colourways in many of our favourites. You might have saw this in our Moroccan furniture pieces. We have been keeping on trend with Navys and Greens, as well as expanding our furniture pieces to a clean, white finish. These pieces particularly popped with our nautical stock, which I'd have to say, was my personal favourite display this year. You may have noticed in this display our whale favourites from last August Trade Fair. We're so glad that you enjoyed our expansion pieces to this range and hope to continue to give you choice of different size, colours and textures in the future!

ATTENTION - We have plenty of NEW items coming in that were not showcased at this year's AGHA Gift Fair. Be first to get your sneak peaks at the new, upcoming product ranges by following our Instagram @lavida_trading and stay tuned to our Blog. If you have an online registration with us, you will also receive a promotional email notifying when our new stock goes live.

We hope that our stand sparked merchandising ideas for your displays with your brand new LaVida stock and in turn inspired you to play with some new, trendy colours. We'd love for you to share your feedback and experience with us - our team work very hard to go above and beyond to deliver the very best booth that exhibits the quality we have to offer. We use your comments and suggestions to help improve our Trade Fair presence year after year so that we may give you an outstanding trade experience. We love when you share your suggestions/thoughts/comments with us, and would like to encourage you to forward them on to

In conclusion, we hope our stand delivered and you were able to find all your giftware and homeware needs. Our return to the warehouse has been very high-paced, and we aren't showing signs of slowing down anytime soon! We bring back with us less than half our floor stock (thanks to all our wonderful customers who shopped the floor) and lots of wonderful memories. We are now working very hard to get your highly anticipated goods to you, and we appreciate all the patience we are receiving during this busy, busy period.

Photos from this year's fair are coming and will be uploaded on our Blog and Instagram @lavida_trading - We absolutely LOVE to see your pictures too so don't forget to tag us in your pics or use our hashtag #lavida_trading