Lavida Trading Agents

LaVida has agents throughout Australia that can provide your business with direct and personal service.

Our agents aim to provide exceptional service and bring you the latest that LaVida has to offer.

With access to our LaVida App, agents make shopping with us easy. With access to hundreds of products, our agents can point you in the right direction for your business.

Our agents have been with us for years and are a deeply knowledgeable resource for you. Having years of experience with our retailers means they can give you one-on-one advice, tailored to your business.

For your convenience, we have agents based in Sydney, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia.

Our agents pride themselves on being up to date with the latest trends, not only in terms of product, but also in terms of business direction. Bringing you fresh ideas of merchandising for your store or staying on top of international trends, our agents can help you develop your business ideas.

Their extensive knowledge of our product range means they can make recommendations to suit both yours and your customer's needs.

If you aren't tech savvy and don't feel confident ordering online, then feel free to contact your local agent. It is their job to place the order for you and sort out any account details that need handling. They act as a correspondent for you when it comes to your business with LaVida.

Currently there are no agents available for New Zealand.

Contact your nearest agent via the details below:


Anne Delaney

South Australia

Jo Harvey

Western Australia

Christine ten Broeke

All details are listed by state. If you wish to discuss or view our product range, please contact the agent that is applicable to you, to book an appointment. If you have any concerns, alternatively you can contact us directly by emailing or call us on (02) 4340 0411.

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