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Wholesale Accessories

As one of Australia's largest wholesaler of Homewares and Gifts, this category of Ladies Accessories is one of our most popular.

Our ranges of ladies Accessories make the  most perfect gifts for ladies of any age.

This range has a variety of gifts and practical personal items which are perfect for those smaller priced gift purchases.

LaVida's range of Ladies Accessories is constantly being updated and refreshed as our aim is to offer our customers the best and latest trends and giftwares.

Our range of Ladies Accessories is catorgorised into 3 main sections - Manicure Sets, Cosmetic Bags and Ladies Compacts, but you may also find other items from time to time.

Manicure Sets

LaVida's collection of Manicure Sets have been a consistency great seller, mainly in Pharmacies and Gift Stores but also more recently across the board of retailers.

Manicure Sets make a great gift due to their low prices, quality and style of the product and the practical nature.

Our range will always be refreshed but in general you will always find modern cases and covers, with the traditional quality nail files, nail clipper, cuticle stick, nail scissors and nippers.  

Often our sets are made up of 9 pieces but you will need to check each Manicure Sets to see whats included.

All our manicure Sets are multi functional and easy to use and carry around.

Manicure Sets are perfect to keep with all your holiday luggage and cosmetic bags.  Its great to know that you have all those things in one place as there will always be that moment that someone will ask if you have a pair of scissors handy or a nail file!

Our cases range from bling style diamante hard backed style - perfect for those glamorous ladies or the more subdued alligator effect or shimmer cases.

Cosmetic Bags

Every one needs a good quality set of Cosmetic Bags.  There is nothing worse than packing shampoo and conditioners into your main luggage and having them leak every where.  

At least in a Cosmetic Bag your mess is contained!  Seriously though, these are the perfect travel companions.  

From the moment you start to pack away your toiletries in preparation for a holiday you will feel extra organised if you have a range of cosmetic bags.

Feeling organised helps you to relax in that very often stressful few days before you go away on holiday. 

Having all your toiletries and cosmetics and hair products all in these super stylish cosmetic bags all the stress can float away.

They also look super stylish if and when you have to open your luggage at the airport.  

Quite often laving a set of your essential toiletries in a cosmetic bag packed and ready to go is a great stress free way to travel.  

Our range of wholesale cosmetic bags also look really smart in the hotel bathroom, again keeping you feeling organised and tidy.

The ranges that we stock have to be stylish, hard wearing and affordable.  

They can be available in sets of two, three, four or even five and are often in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Take a look at our current range by clicking on the Cosmetic bag button below.

Ladies Compacts

LaVida's range of wholesale Ladies Compacts is another perfect gift range to stock.

We would think that almost every lady would at some point wish they had a mirror in their handbag and these are just the right size for that.

Compact and stylish, easy to pop into a handbag and at our great affordable prices you keep one in every handbag for those "spinach in the teeth" moments!

Our Ladies Compacts are selected for their quality and then on their appeal.  The cases are often finished in silver effect edge with a hinged style clip.

The styles of the cases are always changing we love the romantic images of past days in France, beautiful designs in floral art and images of nature and pretty butterfly's and birds.

So check out our range of Ladies Accessories below and see what gems you an find for your customers.

If you are new to LaVida you can click here and apply for a wholesale account.

Happy Shopping!